Frederick Memorial Hospital to develop human trafficking protocol

Protocol will guide hospital staff in identifying and interacting with victims


Published 09/25 2015 06:20PM     |     Updated 09/25 2015 06:45PM


In her time as forensic nurse program coordinator at Frederick Memorial Hospital, Pamela Holtzinger has learned that many cases of sexual abuse are quickly identified, but some can be easy to miss.

Holtizinger has seen the most glaring cases of abuse, to instances that required attention to details as subtle as observing a victim’s scalp for burst capillaries.

While Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) has procedures in place for a range abuse scenarios, they will soon be able to add protocol for human trafficking to that list.

“The protocol is in its infancy right now, but we are working on it,” Holtzinger said. “It is going to be developed and right now, we are looking into designing it.”...