Salisbury man sentenced on human trafficking and kidnapping charges

POSTED: 11:24 AM EDT Jun 09, 2015 

UPDATED: 07:29 PM EDT Jun 09, 2015 


A Salisbury man who was convicted of human trafficking, has learned his fate.

On Monday, 29-year-old Deandre Ballard, was convicted of two separate counts of human trafficking, one count of kidnapping, and one count of kidnapping, and on count of conspiracy-kidnapping. The charges stem from an incident that happened from October 2014 through November 2014.

Following the conviction, Ballard was sentenced to the maximum penalty on all charges, including 10 years for each count of human trafficking, 30 years for kidnapping, and 30 years suspended consecutive for the conspiracy-kidnapping. This makes for a total of 80 years, but with the suspension, it accounts to 50 years of active incarceration...