UPDATE: Man on trial for human trafficking in Salisbury

Jobina Fortson, Reporter, jobina_fortson@wmdt.com

POSTED: 12:19 PM EDT Jul 14, 2015 UPDATED: 08:16 PM EDT Jul 14, 2015 


Cornelius Briddell was back in court for day two of his trial Tuesday. Briddell is accused of being the leader of a prostitution ring operating out of Salisbury in the fall of 2014.

He's charged with dozens of counts related to dealing in human trafficking, assault, and kidnapping, to name just a few.

According to multiple witnesses Tuesday, Briddell was known by the alias “Slime.” Another witness also said he was an elder at a church.

Two women testified Tuesday that Bridell held them against their will and were forced to have sex with paying customers. The women said they later managed to escape and that there were other victims aside from themselves...