Human Trafficking Part 2: The Internet is a fertile field

Photo above: Screen shot of Backpage escort ads

Photo above: Screen shot of Backpage escort ads

August 3, 2015

By Capital News Service

By Katelyn Secret, Jin Kim, Jessica Evans and Courtney Mabeus

Behind the numbers on human trafficking arrests is a thriving underworld that depends on a steady stream of vulnerable women and minors for its profits.

To get a better picture of human trafficking’s reach and impact in Maryland, Capital News Services examined hundreds of pages of testimony and evidence produced in three dozen successful trafficking prosecutions over the past decade.

The traffickers aren’t always the flashy, bling-wearing, urban street pimps Hollywood portrays, the records show. They are sex salesmen who use business cards and online classifieds like Backpage to market their products. The business -- often referred to by insiders as “The Game” -- includes strategy and deception...