Fifth sex trafficking co-conspirator sentenced

Michelle Mackonochie, Weekend Anchor/Reporter,

POSTED: 06:59 PM EDT Aug 19, 2015 UPDATED: 07:23 PM EDT Aug 19, 2015 

The fifth and final co-defendant in the human trafficking ring is going to prison. Mary Paulos found out on Wednesday that she will be incarcerated for the next 15 years, for her role in a human trafficking ring operating out of the America's Best Value Inn in Salisbury this past fall. But there is a good chance she could be released much earlier than that. Essentially the judge agreed to give Paulos a huge break. Her plea deal could allow her to avoid prison all together.

Paulos is a new mother but she will now spend the next few years separated from her infant son. But as part of a deal with prosecutors, Paulos pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment and conspiracy of human trafficking, and in return she will be placed in a mental health program. If she completes it in good standing, Paulos would only have to serve 5 years supervised probation...