Victim Advocates Are Demanding Stricter Human Trafficking Laws

Posted on May 28, 2017 by admin

Nearly three years ago, in a Howard County General Hospital waiting room sit a human trafficking victim with her trafficker to get a prescription for insulin. Rowland Duffey, the victim’s trafficker, promised a romantic relationship to lure the 21-year-old victim.

Police dubbed him “Romeo”.

The young victim had just lost her father and thought her trafficker “seemed like a nice guy.” After falling asleep watching a movie with Duffey in a van, the victim woke up in an unfamiliar hotel, according to court records.

Duffey took her mobile phone and gave her a prepaid version, while demanding her to “answer anytime” he called. She was trafficked along the East Coast and in Columbia, court records show.

Duffey was eventually charged and found guilty of human trafficking.

In Howard County victims were once considered willing participants in the sex trade, but this case was a turning point...